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Mindfulness Basics - Resolving Stress

We are unquestionably in the midst of a seismic shift in consciousness. For those seeking practical answers to the fast-changing pace of everyday life. There is greater chaos, more uncertainty this is the daily fare of modern media.  However, this chaos does come with a gift, it forces us to consider some of the rules we have willing adhered to, that only gives us more of the same!

We are what many would call at the beginning of a paradigm shift equal in effect as was"the world is flat."This one is far more understandable for it will be based on personal direct experience.  Like driving a car, it is for sure useful to have an instructor by your side until you master the basics. And for us, mindfulness is an excellent place to start as an introduction. From there we progress on how to deal with everyday life situations that arise and sometimes seemingly knock us off balance. To make the initiation easier we offer a free introduction which is shown in the sidebar. Give us a call to be introduced to a new way of mastering the basics. 


  • Do you remember those feelings when you hit rock bottom? Do you remember how hard it was to accept them? Your struggles? Your feelings that things were wrong?
  • Do you remember how you might reach for that bottle, that cigarette, that cake in the kitchen … anything to distract from those feelings?
  • Perhaps you are feeling them now.
  • It’s so important that we learn how to turn love back “on" again and we are compassionate with ourselves.
  • How can you love someone if you don’t have love and compassion for yourself?
  • Do you ever think you cannot give what you don’t have? Only through loving yourself, and finding acceptance, can you be at peace with the world and leave those struggles behind.
  • My message today is simple. All emotional suffering is caused by thoughts. Once you change your thoughts, once you learn not to judge, and criticise, and self-criticism, it’s amazing to see the possibilities that can open up.
  • By learning to love ourselves, we can really change the world.


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