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As a practicing Galway Psychotherapist & Mindfulness Master I have helped countless people have breakthroughs from many difficult and varied situations. In most cases we make significant progress in four to eight weeks. All problems are ultimately relational: Relationships with people, work, or countless life situations. Strangely enough, the greater the crisis the greater the dynamic to find a solution. And that is our speciality, to help you find solutions, so you excel in all your relationships.

Counselling here in Galway gives me the privilege of working with some incredibly courageous people. They come prepared to share their stories of trials and tribulations. Many come because they have reached a tipping point in their lives a personal crisis that simply demands some key life changes.

The problems as you would expect are varied, from serious addiction, financial dilemmas, relationship difficulties, assertiveness issues and often low self-esteem. The one common factor is the acceptance that something has to change. They have come to the end of their tether, often exhausted and tired of trying to make it on their own. My heart goes out to them; they have to dig deep and find a little more resilience to be able to share their story and with a trained counsellor.

From this low point in their lives they begin the wonderful transformational journey of healing the mind from captivity and hopelessness to freedom and joy. The science of positive psychology has today made amazing strides in allowing us to make small but significant steps in taking back control of our lives. It has become abundantly clear that our thoughts and our interpretations shape our reality and therefore our emotional experiences. However, our personal reality maybe seriously flawed when it comes to diagnosing the real cause of our suffering.

Let us take the example of those who have addictive habits. Addiction is not solely confined to substance abuse like alcohol or comfort eating. We may have developed the habit of seeing ourselves as a victim, with all the terrible emotional turmoil that this brings. Our language may have become toxic and negative. There is a good chance that when we see the problem as solely “out-there” the probability is that we have some blind spots. These unseen demons cause us emotional havoc; this dark side of life is painful and debilitating.

The mind is a wonderful servant but a tyrannical master. The good news is we all have an innate intelligence that is submerged deep beneath a whole bunch of irrational mindsets that have us held captive. Collectively we are at an evolutionary juncture in our psychological development. Counselling helps us to learn how to awaken beyond the narrow self-interest of the ego.

As “A Course In Miracles” states: There is no order of difficulty in healing the mind, only a willingness to search for another way of looking at your world. We simply need to learn how to change the lens through which we see the world. Counselling helps us to do that.

As John Whitmore so aptly puts it “We have a measure of choice and control over what we are aware of, but what we are unaware of controls us.” So the vital key to healing the mind is awareness. We need to learn the art of mindset mastery.

To bring you up to speed on positive psychology I would recommend the following book: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success [Carol Dweck] World-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, in decades of research on achievement and success, has discovered a truly groundbreaking idea—the power of our mindset.


Whilst we are all unique there are some key issues which by and large we all have to overcome at some stage in our lives if we are to progress and reach our full potential. Our common struggles are very similar. Our relationship with money is often unstable and can make us feel extremely vulnerable. It can sometimes be the primary cause of fraught relationships that are not living up to their early promise. The present global financial crisis clearly exacerbates our difficulties. Left unresolved our health gets damages due to continuous high levels of exhausting stress.

The Science of Positive Psychology

Today we can say categorically with empirical based evidence that in all areas of measurable performance we can lead far more fulfilling, efficient lives when understand that it is not external reality that shapes our lives but the lens through which we view our world. Critical in this respect is our current self-image and our self-imposed restrictions. Learning how to master these limiting mindsets is crucial and well within the scope of everyone no matter what difficulty you are facing right now.


Because of the nature of our work we can only give outlines of successful transformation with clients and always respect their complete privacy. So we always change names in case studies.

Robert had for sure reached the plateau; he had had some success, but was in deep financial trouble with a client base that had almost evaporated. He had run out of ideas how to progress forward. With counselling we worked on some deep mindset habits that were holding him back. We eventually transformed the key limiting habits. Today he is a highly respected top notch executive coach with a strong international client base, full order book and completely reversed his financial situation.

I was asked if I would visit a lady we will call Sally, who had had a stroke and who become so overwhelmed that she had mostly taken to bed. She could only walk with the aid of crutches. I met this lady and as her story unfolded it became clear she had lost her authentic voice. She had become subservient to her husband and the relationship was not fulfilling for her. With psychotherapy we fairly quickly identified the most restrictive mindsets and set about clearing out what Zig Zigler called “stinking thinking.” This has at its extreme, the capacity to immobilize one, and in this case quite literally. Sometimes, but not always we get a fast breakthrough. In this case this lady had regained her confidence and found her authentic voice and was walking without aids after just two short weeks! Her family relationships were once again healthy and solid.

Denis the of a successful regional company he had taken over the reins from his father. The son had many ideas how to put the company into a sustainable growth path. However, the father was still a figure head and the “old” relationship patterns of father and son caused a great deal of indecision and moral was subsequently poor. Dealing with the most important issues he was able to successful make the full transition to be fully in charge whilst still keeping the family relationship on a healthy business footing. He doubled the turnover over the next two years.

How do you pick the right Counselling & Psychotherapy?

How do you know if we would be right fit for you and your radical change programme? It’s all about learning to interpret your feelings, so come along for a free introductory session, after the chat you will have a good sense if the fit is good.

If we are busy when you call, do leave you your name and telephone and best times to reach you and we will certainly call you back. All conversations are held in strict confidence.


Once you have made a booking, we will be in touch via email to arrange a day a time for the initial session. Session usually last around 50 minutes. You will have an in-depth conversation with a qualified psychotherapist.You can then choose to have weekly follow on sessions, which you arrange directly with the psychotherapist. Sessions are held at our Wellness Centre, Main Street, Loughrea.


These online sessions are also available for anyone where you have sufficient Internet connection and have a Skype account prior to your session.



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Emotional Intelligence

Emotions are the next frontier to be understood and conquered. To manage our emotions is not to drug them or suppress them, but to understand them so we can intelligently direct our emotional energies and intentions Its time for human beings to grow up emotionally, to mature into emotionally managed and responsible citizens. No magic pill will do it.

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